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my wish for brisbane is a visionary lord mayor.

my wish for brisbane…cleaner public toilets.


Image of ‘public’ toilet in Moscow.

my wish for brisbane…for things to actually be open sometimes.

my wish for brisbane is for it to stop being so conservative.


my wish for brisbane…healthy people, safe and clean city.

my wish for brisbane is a second daily newspaper…that tells the truth!

my wish for brisbane is…cheaper coffee.


my wish for brisbane…ban through traffic in the CBD.

my wish for brisbane…more markets and public events.

my wish for brisbane is…increased levels of awesome.

my wish for brisbane…a new ‘big pineapple’.

my wish for brisbane…lanterns strung over the streets.

my wish for brisbane is…for lovely tree lined streets to walk by.

my wish for brisbane…is to always be a large country town.

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